In the Spirit of Thanks: A Photographic Compendium

YOU GUYS. I bet you thought I was just going to FLY through Thanksgiving on my way to Christmasville, because you KNOW how very fond I am of that season, and also how fond apparently I am of using CAPS for emphasis. Whatever. I shan’t fly through Thanksgiving at all! I love Thanksgiving. I am feeling so, so blessed right now and very happy with my life and with less than a week to go until Food Coma & Family Day is upon us, I thought I would get myself in the spirit and assault the blog with things for which I am thankful.

I started making a list. It is a long list. Here goes (in no particular order)

and, like, a thousand more things. I think about my life even two years ago and I can’t imagine being where I am now–happy, in love, surrounded by awesome people–so I really am taking Thanksgiving to heart this year. There is always SOMETHING to be thankful for, and the fact that I have so many right now is mind-boggling. Just writing this post made me giddy!


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