In Which the World Attempts to Count to Zero; or, World AIDS Day

I love December, but the first day of this month is never a happy one. December 1st is World AIDS Day, and it is a time to remember the 30 million who have been lost and the thousands more who are infected daily: vibrant people around the world just like you and me who did not deserve what they got but who increasingly have hope for a better life.

Let’s stop HIV. If you are sexually active, get tested. Even if you are at low risk for infection, just the act of getting tested reduces the stigma of the test itself and empowers people–including you!–to be in control of their own health and sexuality.

If you can, donate even a small amount to an organization working to educate and fight against HIV/AIDS. The Mercury Phoenix Trust, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, The AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and Keep A Child Alive are just a few worthy examples of the many groups who are devoted to creating a generation with no more AIDS.

See Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s blueprint for an AIDS-free generation:

And let’s never forget.