December, I Knew You’d Be Good to Me

It’s my favorite month. Filled with family birthdays, holiday parties, Hanukkah & Christmas lights (especially in my apartment; my roommate is Israeli and I obviously am not, so we liken our cohabiting best-friendship to an interfaith marriage and decorate accordingly), and the actual holidays themselves, of course, December always brings me joy. I’m still waiting on the snow I want so desperately–after all, I live in Chicago! I should have snow by now!–but all that aside, we are only in the single digits of this wondrous month and it is already doing my heart good.

I have been tapped to film a promotional video for the hotel where I work, and guess what? I also got cast in a show! It’s  for Rhinofest, a great big annual Chicago fringe festival, and I get to work with a director I really like and whose work I have always enjoyed. I’ll keep the details mum for now until I know more, but two acting gigs in one week! I am a very happy Alyssa.

I always liked this mirror in the bathroom at Holiday Club…

To top off yesterday’s good news, today is my day off. I celebrated by going to Holiday Club last night for karaoke (but let’s be real…I do that every week. It is the best karaoke in the city), sleeping in to an ungodly but very civilized 12:00 pm or so, and then went for coffee and a little Christmas shopping with my boyfriend up in Andersonville. If you’ve never been to Kopi, a cute and quirky “traveler’s cafe” at Clark and Berwyn, you must check it out. They have a gift shop in the back full of necklaces and bracelets and hemp things, travel books, crystals, bags, a few clothing items, and a lot of other pretty, authentic knickknacks. The menu is mostly vegan and, from what I hear, crazy delicious. I haven’t eaten there yet, but BF & I stop in a lot for coffee. I got a soy Mexican latte today. It was grand.


Then we went to our other favorite place, Foursided! There are two locations in Lakeview closer to my house but they don’t hold a candle to the Andersonville one. If you love Christmas as much as we do, you will be in your happy place the second you walk in. This place takes holidays seriously.

There are at least half a dozen Christmas trees decorated in different themes–cats & dogs, Under the Sea, food, sports, In the Woods, Chicago…all covered in so many ornaments pertaining to each theme that you can barely see the branches. All the ornaments are for sale, and there are rows and tables full of handmade cards, decorations, posters, calendars, candles, soaps, and of course the custom frames which the company specializes in. I picked up a few presents for someone I love very much, but I will be back just to visit and soak everything in probably a few times before Christmas.

I am so in love with Chicago. It’s unreal how lucky I am to get to live here, and how magical it is this time of year. I don’t even care if you think “magical” is a cliche, especially when describing holidays in the city, because it is the only word that fits. All I have are words, after all. And I am in love with being in love with this boy; and so excited to have a show to work on, and I just feel so great I couldn’t help but share.

How is December treating you?