Happy Holidays! Here Are Some Things:

When I say “Happy Holidays,” I mean all of the holidays coming up. Christmas and Boxing Day and New Year’s, and two weeks ago, Hanukkah. If I see that facebook image that says “LET’S PUT CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS AND ONLY SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS INSTEAD OF THE ‘POLITICALLY CORRECT’ HAPPY HOLIDAYS! BLAH BLAH I AM STUPID” or something, one more time, I’m going to scream. People who say “happy holidays” aren’t taking a stab at your religion. They’re being nicer than you, because they want you to have a lot of good days coming up rather than just one. So shut up.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, here is a gratuitous Christmas photo!

It is always a good time for a Freddie Mercury post. ROCK&ROLL
It is always a good time for a Freddie Mercury post. ROCK&ROLL

You should also know about this mocha toffee cookie recipe, because I’ve made it three times this week and those cookies are hitting it out of the park. Seriously. They’re so good. I also found this excellent vegan oatmeal cookie recipe, if you’re into that, and even if you normally aren’t, they’re worth trying. Promise!

I’ve been baking like a fiend this week because I am a poor actor, and cookies and baked goods make good gifts. At least I like to think so. It’s also been good for my general holiday cheer:

Check out my sweater.
Check out my sweater.

So things have been a little quiet on the blog this week, and probably will continue to be so until after Christmas. I’ve got some traveling to do and then some time to spend with my bf’s family, which I’m really looking forward to, so consider this my signoff for the week.

Have a great holiday week, everyone! Hug your friends and family.