Of Nature Boys and Diamond Dogs

Today, one of the most important people in modern music turns 66. I’ve never met him; maybe I will someday–but I know his music, and he has brought me literally hundreds of hours of joy.

I was obsessed with this song when I first discovered Bowie, and I still get chills when I see the video:

He, along with Freddie Mercury, gave me my love of ’70s glam, which I do copy almost every day; and an abiding appreciation for an androgynous aesthetic, to which I have lacked the balls to ever commit. He gave the world Diamond Dogs, one of my favorite records of all time, and he gave us the movie Labyrinth, from which my pubescent dreams never recovered and for which I am thankful. Dozens of records, duets, smash tours, acting roles–even on Broadway for The Elephant Man–I could go on and on, but chances are, you know as well as I do how important he is. So, Mr. David Bowie: I salute you.

And thank you for the new single! I can’t wait for the new record.