January is the worst and it simply can’t be helped. Ordinarily I would be moping under my covers until the calendar flips, especially in this January–this one in particular has been hard, financially and emotionally. But this is how I know that money is not the most important thing and that Somebody is looking out for me:

  • I had zero dollars on payday after I paid all the things I had to or else, with two dead-broke weeks ahead of me and no food in my house. My wonderful mother tried to help but the bank took all that money in overdraft fees. Yikes.
  • I then was offered extra shifts at work, and three days in a row somebody delivered a ton of food for everyone in the front office.
  • I don’t normally make tips but I was randomly given enough to replace my expired bus pass.
  • My beautiful friend gave me comp tickets to her show so I still got to go out and have fun this weekend.
  • Most people I hang out with are in the same boat I am, but my roommate and my (sexy, smart, funny, intuitive) boyfriend and I have been able to keep ourselves laughing and (mostly) busy on a budget of practically nothing which is hard when you can’t even go outside because it’s 9 degrees.
  • When I most needed a laugh, that boyfriend of mine showed up at my door & surprised me with “The Hangover.” It even had a bow on it. Romance.
This was me at the beginning of last week, hibernating and being kinda miserable.
This was me at the beginning of last week, hibernating and being kinda miserable.

Almost all of these things happened without anyone knowing of my situation. I was not a charity case. It’s just a tidal wave of little gestures that have astonished me–when I had to ask myself the quite literal question of “How on earth am I going to make it two weeks til my next paycheck?”–and reminded choleric, skeptical, pessimistic me, firmly yet gently, that I will be taken care of. It has been completely unexpected and totally humbling, and the only thing I can do now is to pay it forward and hope I don’t miss an opportunity. But…isn’t that cool?