When You Daydream About Furniture, You Are Probably Not a Kid Anymore

Hi, I’m Alyssa, reporting live from Chicago where it is f###ing freezing balls, as if you didn’t know, and you are probably just as broke as I am! (This last might be wishful thinking on my part…I don’t like to be the brokest one at the party.) So when it’s too cold to go out and even your eventual cabin fever can’t be treated due to lack of funds, and your allegiance to the Couch-Sitting Church of Netflix begins to wane, there’s always…interior design blogs?

As we have previously discussed on this blog, I am moving to a different apartment, with different people, in three months and coping with the reality of this situation has led to an awful lot of evaluation of my stuff. My stuff sucks, you guys. Most of my bookshelves were broken in the last move and never replaced, leading my DVD collection to be stored, for two whole years, rather precariously in wire closet-organizers that were never even good enough for their original purpose. My dresser drawers broke like two months into living with me so a lot of my clothes are in giant rubbermaid tubs stacked about my tiny little room. I never did anything about it because 1) money, and 2) time & energy & u-hauls are not just to be had. 

The optimist in me would like to see this otherwise hearbreaking move as a brand new, shiny, happy beginning, wherein I will no longer live like a college reject and my posters will be in frames, goddamnit.

The boyf and I had this exact conversation today whilst window-shopping at Brown Elephant (which is the greatest place for second-hand furniture…and plates and cups and sweaters and weird art. Two locations, at Clark & Balmoral in Andersonville and Halsted & Waveland in Wrigley). He said something like, “I just want to have furniture and stuff on the walls so it looks like real people live there,” which I totally agree with when it comes to my place too. So at some point we have obviously become actual adults (although in my case, a poorly-performing one) because we go to furniture stores for fun and talk about what we want our houses to look like. Heaven help me.

But it’s fun! I discovered Shiny Happy Apartments on tumblr and clicked through the whole thing. I like this, I don’t like that, I love that, You put your books where?!?

original source: smileeelifeisbeautiful.tumblr.com
original source: smileeelifeisbeautiful.tumblr.com

Basically, I have decided that if Andy Warhol and Oscar Wilde had a design-off, that is where I would want to live.

original source: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Bookshelf
original source: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Bookshelf

Ooh yeah.

Maybe (probably) I will still keep my tiny silver Christmas tree up year-round, but it would sure be nice not to anticipate a reaction similar to the “Hoarders” one where the relative enters the hoarder’s home, gasps, and exclaims, “You live like this?!”

I’m kidding. No one has ever said that. To my face, anyway. But who says fresh starts have to be all miserable and induced by either a grudgingly kept New Year’s Resolution or a horrific breakup? A late-spring move can apply, surely?

Now about those gold-piped champagne flutes at Brown Elephant…


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