In Which I See Plays and Make Things In My Kitchen and Otherwise Have Cabin Fever

I wish I could say the last week has been super busy for me, but it hasn’t. It’s annoying that when I don’t want to be at work all day (summer) I am and when I do (winter) I’m not. First world problems.

However! Let us not be dismayed. I have been valiantly attempting to keep busy. Seein’ plays and things. You should know that this is last weekend to see Circle Theatre’s When the Rain Stops Falling at the Greenhouse in Lincoln Park. It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen since I’ve lived in Chicago and one of the only ones I know of to be lucky enough to get a revival in the same year. You’ll love it. Here for more info.

Last night I also got to see Mercury Fur by Philip Ridley, presented by the Ex-pats Theatre Co. It’s bone-chilling. Presented in a basement space with no intermission and a jaw-droppingly good cast. My friend Mara who assistant directed the show warned me as we descended into the basement, “It’s a mind-fuck. Get ready.” She was right. If you want to be severely affected by good theatre and good acting, you have to see it. It’s also one of those quintessential storefront Chicagoesque plays which is so obviously a labor of love. I will warn you that it’s incredibly twisted and violent so if that’s not your thing, I’m sure you can find something else to do this weekend. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 pm through March 23rd. Here for tickets and info.

Otherwise I have just been baking things. Last time I blogged it was right before Valentine’s Day and I made devil’s food cake cupcakes with caramel centers and cream cheese frosting. The caramel centers didn’t turn out quite right but on the whole as everything was from scratch and I am woefully inadequate in the kitchen, I thought they turned out well. So did my boyfriend. He ate most of them (confession: I left them all at his house).


Then after a week of eating maybe not-so-well I put a sizeable dent in my paycheck at Trader Joe’s and thought, Hey! Why not bring a little color into the world? And maybe some feel-goodness?

and then I fulfilled a lifelong fantasy of having Mick Jagger on my person.


After which Delilah was all, “MOM. You are embarrassing meeee & I don’t want to know about your fantasies!”



But such is her lot in life.

I do have an audition next Saturday to look forward to, which is actually doing wonders for my morale. Still scraping pennies together for new headshots, which I need desperately and without which it’s hard to audition :-/ People are all “Oh I know someone who can do them for $200!” Which is super great but right now, without the day job hours to cover these things, I don’t even have a fifth of that. So. Anyway, this audition is a little different because they called me specifically and know me & my work, so having shiny new headshots isn’t as important this time. And I have sides, which I always always prefer over a monologue.

How are you guys keeping the boredom blues and cabin fever away?


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