This Week

20 days til Spring, you guys. I love winter, but I am beyond ready to break out my breezy dresses, studded shoes, and band t-shirts. Given that we reached 83 degrees in Chicago last March, I can’t help but wonder when we’ll start to see a transition. It’s been too slushy and icy lately for me to go for long walks in the city, which is basically my favorite thing to do here–and it’s free! 😉 In the mean time, here’s what I’ve been into this week:

  • I bookmarked this blog post at called “Why Being a Non-Conformist Is Essential to Acting.” And to creativity, in general. Not in a contrived, “zomg I must be different! Glue bat wings to all my things!” kind of way, but in an encouraging, individualist one.
  • Shark Week is on Netflix now?! My sick day is totally covered.
  • A couple weeks ago, I dyed my hair back to its natural light brown because I had about four inches of roots and the rest of it was really damaged from about a year of trying to maintain blonde myself. I didn’t realize how different it would make me feel, but it does and I hate it. I’ve been stalking blonde bedhead a lot lately because Andrea, the blogger, is so chic and rock & roll and has perfect big curly hair like mine, and she pulls off blonde like whoa.

    Brown hair? :(
    Brown hair? 😦
  • Yes, the Oscars happened and yes, I’m a little over everyone acting like Jennifer Lawrence is their BFF. But her hair color is perfect and I want it. blondes-jennifer-lawrence-sun-kissed-steaks
  • I’m slightly obsessed with this Mika song. Harsh but brilliant.
    And that’s it for me! I’ve got a big audition Sunday morning so I’m really hoping the grating sore throat that set in tonight GOES AWAY DAMNIT. So it’s tea & emergen-C for me like it’s my job. Have a good weekend, friends. xx