Zero to Sixty

Wait…it’s April? I can’t even.

I have a tenuous grasp on actual chronology as it is, but I feel like Valentine’s day was last week (cupcakes! Snow!) and New Year’s was last month (hello, sparkly dress I’ll never wear again, and unfortunate falling-on-the-ice incident) and I feel hit quite hard about it actually being spring already. I sudddenly have so many things to do!

First things first: If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re either suffering the midweek blues or you just want an excuse to laugh all night, come out to Studio BE on Belmont & Sheffield tonight, April 3rd,  for Homeless Comedy Night, a fundraising even for The Foundling Theatre Company’s season opener, which–tada!–I’m in! It’s BYOB and you get in for only $12. If you buy your tickets online, you can actually get $4 off with the code PANHANDLE. Hilarious comedian Eddie Reynolds will do a set along with my funny lady friends, improv troupe Heavy Flo, and others. Doors open at 8 PM. Come, laugh, drink, be merry.


Work also progresses on Desperate Dolls, the film I told you about last week. We have shoots for promotional materials lined up and the final schedules and casting are coming together; it’s all very exciting to me (a dear English friend of mine once pointed out that we Americans are “so excited” about everything, regardless of whether or not it is exciting, and we say “awesome!” when we really mean “I acknowledge that,” so I feel compelled to establish that I am, even in an English sense of the word, ACTUALLY EXCITED to be working on this awesome movie). Now I just have to worry about looking good in a swimsuit for a few shots. Oy! Do you believe in me? Because I…do, kinda?

And the cherry on the soft-serve sundae that is my week, I get to go to the Opera on Friday! I have never been to the opera; I have only heard it or watched it in music class. My boyfriend is in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Lyric as a non-singing actor and I’m so proud of him I could burst. I’ve heard a little of the music already and I’m intrigued. Plus, it’s his birthday weekend, so let the festivities commence! Now what do I wear to the opera?

I hope everyone’s brand new shiny spring season is, so far, the unmitigated best. How are you spending it?