Hermit Crab

Turns out you do get some things you wish for–even if it was going to happen regardless, I’m so thankful it suddenly became summer in Chicago. I’m sure when it’s in the high 90s out I won’t be as enthused, but hey! Something new!

Yesterday I couldn’t help myself and I went to North Avenue beach for an hour or so before I had to work.

Almost like a vacation! Almost.
Almost like a vacation! Almost.

And I’ve been working a lot, you guys. Today and tomorrow are my weekend, actually, after seven days in a row without a break–can’t wait to see my paycheck this time around, especially since this is it: my last month before moving.

I’m using Apartment People to help me find a place. My appointment is this afternoon and there is a unit I saw online that would be perfect. It’s all about location and hot water for me, basically; if I can have those two things, I’ll cut a check right there. Unfortunately, this is Moving Season, and everything’s really competitive right now, so I’m super stressed about potentially getting turned down in favor of people who look better on paper, which is a real possibility. My grandma and my boyfriend keep telling me, “It’ll all work out, stop worrying! You’ll be fine!” but I can’t just yet. I’m an anxious person. I keep thinking about how nice it would be to have every thing you own be instantly transportable, and always comfortable. Like, are hermit crabs ever worried about moving?

AND their homes are stylish.
AND their homes are stylish.


I realize this is silly and irrational, especially since I used to have hermit crabs, which I loved, but they tragically died when my bedroom caught on fire when I was 18. I have never assuaged my guilt. But I digress.

Maybe send me your good vibes today and keep your fingers crossed? I’ve never lived in an apartment I liked, and that’s mostly because of what I could afford, and I’m praying I can turn it around this time.

I’ll keep you posted!



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