About Time. (And Space)

We interrupt this deliciously brewing (almost) summer storm to give you this breaking news: I got the new apartment I applied for (yay!) and now that weight’s off my shoulders, it’s time to figure out all the logistics. Not today, though. Today is for doing nothing, which is the best kind of day off.

Since my new place is a teeny studio and I will no longer have a roommate, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about how much I will miss her. Instead of being sad about it, I made a list to make the transition easier.


    1. You can be naked whenever you want! Seriously, who doesn’t come home from work and think, “Ya know what, pants? OFF WITH YOU. YOU, TOO, BRA.” When you live with someone, you have to be sure your state of dress is at least polite. Not so with single-dwellers. Your cat has seen it all before, and cats are rarely shocked or impressed. Strip away!
    2. Dishes can wait just a leeeeeetle bit longer. Look, no one should be a slob, but when the only other person who needs those plates is You, Later, and Present You is too tired/drunk/hungover/busy to do them at this second, they can afford to sit for an extra day.
    3. You don’t have to stop a Netflix binge to share the TV. I mean, maybe you should stop, just to take a shower and get some groceries once in a while, but you don’t have to.
    4. You can shower as long as you want! Enough said.
    5. You can send your old roommate a care package, because let’s face it. All of the above reasons are great, but you’ll miss her. And skype can only do so much! But in your newfound alone time/alone space, you can always scrounge together a few things to let her know you’re thinking of her.

As for #5, I think I’ll have that in the mail Oh, approximately the moment she leaves.

Delilah has been my consistent roommate since 2008! No word yet on how she feels about the move.
Delilah has been my consistent roommate since 2008! No word yet on how she feels about the move.