I Which I Celebrate Ladies

This week on facebook, I saw something which nearly made my eyes cross: a post from a girl, a little younger than me but who, nevertheless, has a college degree and is a mother of two little girls, which read, “Feminism is soooooooooo dumb.”

There were a large number of likes. I haven’t seen this girl in person in over ten years so I really shouldn’t have cared, but I did, and I wrote “What? You mean equal rights, equal wages, paid maternity leave, and measures against sexism are dumb? Because that is what feminism is.”

To which someone else then replied, “No, that’s more equality/treating everyone the same.”

At which point I decided to just abandon ship because DUH, FEMINISM IS ABOUT EQUALITY, NOT SUPREMACY and headed over to my blog to write a whole big long post about Wonderful Ladies, because I feel it’s more effective than arguing about the definition of a word which is clearly deliberately misunderstood.

So, here are just a few examples I’ve encountered this week alone of Women Getting It Done:

  1. Megyn Kelly, on (of all places!) Fox News, taking DOWN Erick Erickson’s snarky, unscientific assertions that women making more money will ultimately be harmful to society and that their children will not thrive:

    It is interesting to note here that Megyn does not “describe [herself] as a feminist,” but this is a feminist video if I ever saw one. Regardless of how she colors it, kudos to her for supporting equality and kicking bigoted ass on live TV.
  2. While we’re on that note, here’s this article by xojane writer Mariane, who continues to make more money than her husband and how it’s actually not a contest for them. Her take on how supportive they are to each other, and how they communicate about finances vs how everyone else in the world thinks they should do it.
  3. Last night I missed the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new show on ABC family, “The Fosters,” but just the fact that a show about lesbian parents raising adopted twins and a foster child would be made not by HBO or Showtime but a regular network family channel on primetime is something to smile about.

    Click the photo to read GLAAD’s write-up of the show and watch J.Lo talk about the lesbian aunt who inspired her to produce the show.
  4. Here’s the press release from DarrenCallahan.com in which my fellow actors Stephanie Leigh Rose, Emily Bennet, and I talk about how our movie Desperate Dolls actually puts us in control of grindhouse movie sexuality, and how refreshing that is.
  5. And a special shout-out to the little girl who, ipad in hand, walked right up to me at work two days ago and said, with all the gravity of a Hollywood producer, “I’m making a movie. Would you mind saying a line for me?” I gave that little girl her one line with everything I had, I was so proud of her. And major props to her father, who escorted her around the hotel “scouting locations” with her and encouraging her little film every step of the way. That one encounter made my whole week. I hope she never stops making movies.

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  1. Thissssss. I think sometimes women don’t consider themselves feminists because that sounds like it’s a “cause” for them (Like I just really love women as a blanket gender, as opposed to just thinking we are people who deserve rights) This is how I’ve always felt about it. I just read a great article about one of the first female state legislators in Indiana and how much backlash she got when she tried to gain acceptance in the Columbia Club-at the time, it was a white-men only club and all the politics were happening there. And this was in 1979-just ten years before I was born! It’s wonderful that we’ve made progress, but important to remember to protect it. On a side rant, let’s please stop ruining it by making “Women’s Business Luncheon” and “Women In Traditionally Male Dominated Field Club.” It’s exclusivism and we don’t need it. Way to not feed the troll-let’s hope her daughters ignore her 🙂

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