A Few New Things

Welcome to the sparkly new alyssathordarson.com! I was going to wait to relaunch everything until I got my brand-spanking-also-new headshots back from Kalmens Photography, but I was too excited.

I can’t wait to show you guys those headshots, though! I’ve needed new ones for ages and Lev did an amazing job. It’ll be nice to hopefully see an increase in auditions I get called in for with headshots that look really fresh and commercial.

Have a look around the new site and see how you like it. I’d love feedback. I haven’t been in the CSS game since oh, 2006, so I’m essentially totally re-learning. I’ve also added a teensy bit of new content to PHOTOS (which is now MEDIA) and WORK. I also started using my long-dormant twitter.

As always, you are the best.