Shiny New Headshots, Thrilling New Kickstarter

It’s been one hell of a summer. I can honestly say I haven’t been this exhausted near the end of the season since I worked at summer camp in southern Indiana, teaching horsemanship for 11 weeks at a time in blazing temperatures and humidity so dense it sometimes felt like swimming. But that’s a story for another time–now is for NEW things!

The lovely, hilarious (no, really, he’s also stand-up comic!) photographer Lev Kalmens took a huge weight off my shoulders this week when we were finally able to meet so he could shoot me for some desperately-needed new headshots. For those of you non-actors, a headshot is your industry calling card. It’s your advertisement, your business card, your answer to the audition posts, and most importantly, your first impression. If you don’t have great ones that simultaneously look incredibly great and somehow exactly like you, you are doomed to never be called in to audition.

That is where I’d been stuck, and that’s where Lev came in.

Actor friends, I promise Lev will take care of you. I cannot recommend him more highly (and his rates are beyond reasonable).

So, armed with these shiny new–and, I think, pretty good headshots–my new project for the month is to besiege the agencies and casting offices of Chicago with my face and a retooled, updated resume and see if I get any bites. I know it’s stupid as an actor to say this, but I am SO tired of having to have a day job. We know, we know, we’ll probably always have one, but don’t take away our dream of lazing about until the strenuous shoots or rehearsals begin! 😉

Speaking of shoots, remember Desperate Dolls? That’s the film I’m cast in along with such talents as Stephanie Leigh Rose, Emily Bennet, G. Riley Mills, and Stephen Spencer, directed by Chicago filmmaker, playwright, and musician Darren Callahan. We desperately (ha!) want to make this movie. So much so that we shot this great spec trailer for you and our prospective investors:

Desperate Dolls – Spec Trailer – Plot from Doll Films on Vimeo.

and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help secure the rest of our funding. The beauty of indie filmmaking is 1) Not needing the approval of a studio, but then 2) there is no studio to finance. Without crowdsourcing, a lot of great indie films in these modern times would never be made. Can you do me a favor? Pledge even $5, the equivalent of a cheap beer? We can’t make this movie without horror and indie film fans like you! It’s a project I really believe in and have had so much fun working on even just these few press materials we’ve already done.

That’s all for now. Sorry I haven’t got anything more personal to put down today. I’m going to crash into my bed like a felled tree!