Alone Time: On Being an Introvert

Coffee inside for me, thanks.
Coffee inside for me, thanks.

^ Yep, that’s me enjoying seclusion. Here’s why:

This fascinating article on HuffPost about being an introvert has been making the rounds on social media, so of course I read it. I love pop psychology. I don’t know what that says about me, and  obviously articles like this shouldn’t actually be used in lieu of psychiatric evaluation where it’s needed, but BANG. I enjoyed it. It’s no secret I’m a big old introvert who really needs to recharge after long periods of being social–even if I enjoy being social, which I do. It’s interesting how many actors I know who are like this. There is always the assumption that if you love performing and being “on,” you’re an extrovert. But I live in terror of having to mingle and make small talk with strangers after the show just as I dread mingling and making small talk in real life. The article mentioned a few other things that really rang true for me (dating an extrovert, needing to think things through thoroughly before making a decision, preferring written or visual explanations), and–hey! It’s always nice to be validated. Even if it is on the internet.

Interestingly, after the success of the initial article, HuffPost also posted this list of famous introverts, including Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Emma Watson, and Audrey Hepburn. Emma Watson mentions the book Quiet by Susan Cain, about how at a basic level, society (ugh, I hate when bloggers start talking about “society”…sorry!) undervalues introverts in favor of louder voices. I read the book and while I personally have never been made to believe that anything was “wrong” with me because I preferred to sit quietly at home, it’s a common theme, and she’s created a whole community around the concept.

What do you do to unwind and re-charge? Even if you’re a sunny extrovert who gets that social high I’m so jealous of, everybody needs down time. I’m curious how different types of people spend it.

Today I’m off work and I’ve got a lot of mundane things to do, but I’m re-reading all of Harry Potter (I should finish Order of the Phoenix for the umpteenth time sometime this afternoon) and then I’m going to take a brief break from Hogwarts and curl up with:

It's about the girls who modeled for Degas and other famous painters in 1890s Paris. I'm obsessed with the Belle Epoque. I can't wait to devour this.
It’s about the girls who modeled for Degas and other famous painters in 1890s Paris. I’m obsessed with the Belle Epoque. I can’t wait to devour this.

Because the fall-like trajectory in Chicago has suddenly reversed; is ninety degrees outside and I can’t quite bring myself to leave the house yet.

Happy Wednesday! xx


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  1. It’s so true. Being out in public is exhausting, and I LOVE people and seeing friends but sometimes I think if I had one social appointment a week, that would be plenty. Unfortunately, I’m blessed with a lot of people to see. Curling up with a book and cup of something warm is the greatest.

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