So she sighs and she burns with desperation
Learns to cry over love of constellations
Then a spark from a star shooting too close
They both smiled, “What a day to explode”
-Sara Bareilles, Cassiopeia

You know, we are always just the right goddamn age to learn something. I have felt like I’m treading water and (alternately) trying to keep my head above, but I’m twenty-four and how bad can things be, really? Let us recap!


    • Bombing an audition spectacularly is not actually the worst thing that can happen, even if for a minute it feels like it.
    • Getting called back from a different audition is an edifying redemption: “Oh, THANK GOD, I don’t actually suck.”
    • Watching someone who is good at what they do, and who is clearly having a great time, is a wonderful antidote to self-doubt:

      She was so great at this show.
    • If you make an apple pie and you live by yourself, there is nothing stopping you from having it for breakfast every day for a week.

      Yes, I put a cute pastry fucking heart on it. I know, I'm gross.
      Breakfast of champions.
  • My boyfriend might not get his sweatshirt back because I realized that the cowl reminds me of Star Wars. Anyone else see it or is it just me?

    Maybe it's just me? But I am getting some serious Star Wars vibes.
    Maybe it’s just me? But I am getting some serious Star Wars vibes.
  • Sometimes you’re waiting at a crosswalk to go to karaoke night and you find yourself in 1959:
  • There is not much that can’t be fixed by coffee and an interesting book:

    Lord Alfred Douglas was kind of a wang.
  • And sometimes, you have to give into that BUZZING in your skull and put yourself out there. Don’t be lazy about your passions. Just don’t! It seems like an obvious piece of advice, but it’s something I needed to hear this week. I’ve been submitting to every audition I could. I have a meeting for another possible project tomorrow, and the wheels are rolling on a short film I’ll be shooting in November.  I might not be as productive as other people I know, but DAMN IT I am trying. Just…ignite things and see what happens.*


*Perhaps not literally?