For Artists

…and let’s please not roll our eyes at calling ourselves artists. Art is not a pedestal or an achievement. Perhaps Good Art is, or Great Art, but you and I are story-tellers and painters and writers of code and colorful dressers, and maybe you have a good eye for putting rooms together or you cut hair and make people feel good about themselves; you spend time in the gym sculpting your body and being kind to it, or you teach a child what those symbols mean and give them the gift of words and endless worlds–that is Art, at a base level. Even nihilists can’t help creating something every now and then.

So for those of us who have made specific kinds of art our vocation, or who are trying to, here is a message from Ira Glass that encouraged me this week:

Just keep doing it. It doesn’t have to be good at first. Not every play I do at this stage is going to be as impactful as say, Arthur Miller, or even if it is I’m not going to play it like Meryl Streep. I’m just not. It’s not only necessary to keep doing but to keep trying to do, to cast as many nets as possible until there emerges from the depths something good and eventually great. Meet people. Put yourself out there (especially Me, I don’t do that enough).

This has been your motivational speech for the day. Now let’s go!