The thing about winter is that it polarizes people (see what I did there?). You love it or you hate it.

I happen to love it, which is good because the last week or so has really pulled me out of my funk. I was having one of those phases where work has been busy and demanding and I almost couldn’t bear to see or speak to anyone once I got to go home. Instead of seeing or speaking to anyone, I BAKED COOKIES.

I made these strange and interesting buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies (but I added salted caramel swirls); these really terrific snickerdoodles; some mint chocolate-chip cookies with recipe on the side of the Tollhouse bag, and modified that recipe later to make toffee chunk-dark chocolate chip cookies. I’m gunning for peppermint white chocolate chip cookies next. My advice, therefore, is that baking is good for the soul, and you should do it.

I’m also really excited to share some 30 Minutes production photos with you, and hopefully soon, a trailer for the film! We worked so hard on this movie and the producers and director are still in post-production getting it done. Jason Bryant, meanwhile, took some boss shots on set, and here are just a few:

I’ve never gotten to play anything like a rogue government agent before, so even though watching myself on film is one of the more uncomfortable things I can think of, I can’t wait to see the final product.

In the meantime, things are getting TRÈS Christmassy over here. Chicago got its first real, honest-to-goodness, sticking, beautiful clean snowfall last night, just in time for the Foundling’s Theatre Company Christmas Canned Food Drive last night. A night of holiday themed solo performance, sketch comedy, and general silliness was made all the merrier by that magical snowfall, and it’s nice to know we did something meaningful instead of being regular theatre narcissists (I kid! Kind of).

What are you doing as the season gallops onward? I’m looking forward to reading tonight with the Foundlings at auditions for Twelfth Night, which will go up at winter’s end (I’m playing Viola! Eee!), and coming home to my cozy apartment all decked out for the holidays.


Bundle up, friends! Thanks for reading. xx