In Which I Mean to Talk About My Show but Talk About Being Sick Instead

I’m writing this from the only place anyone should be in January–in bed–but as I was KO’d this morning by a nasty stomach bug, I am not really here by choice.

Delilah says "Don't be sick, Mom, you're boring when you're sick."
Delilah says “Don’t be sick, Mom, you’re boring when you’re sick.”

But hey! At least I got to marathon House of Cards (can we talk about how that show is narcotically good? Not a single throwaway line, not a single less-than-excellent performance) and huddle under blankets. My sweet boyfriend came over with pepto and ginger ale and held my hair while my face was in the porcelain, and that’s why I refuse to throw myself a pity party, because who cares about anything else when somebody loves you enough to do that?

So I am gross and shaky and that’s all right. I started a journal (GROAN, I KNOW) for goals and positive thoughts. I can’t stand journaling in the “Here’s what happened today” manner because I am egocentric enough without having to recite my own movements to myself, but I’ve been keeping track of little moments that made me smile and the big things I’m working on. I can’t tell you how much that helps; today while I was near tears under my many blankets, trying not to move so as to not upset the nausea boat, I reached for that little book and read the handful of things I’ve put in it. While it didn’t settle my stomach any, I did feel better. Can’t recommend this exercise enough.

SEE? It even LOOKS happy.
SEE? It even LOOKS happy.

And since I initially meant to only write “HEY EVERYONE WATCH OUR FUNDRAISING VIDEO FOR TWELFTH NIGHT” and until this point, have not…Hey everyone, watch our fundraising video for Twelfth Night! Complete with spinning kittens and hip-thrusting action by yours truly.

If you’d like to make tax-deductible donations to our Little Show that Could, you can do that here or on the Indiegogo page. Building a theatre company from the ground up is hard work, and it involves everyone working for free over months of long hours. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, but we really need your help!

As always, you are the best.

PS my site stats tell me that today the top search term that led people to was “garth brooks singing freddy mercury song want somebody to love.” So if that’s you, weirdo, HI! You’re cool. I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for.