Learning Curve (Plus Bonus Fanciness)

It’s PILOT SEASON, you guys!

(That is, the time between January and April where all the TV networks make all the new shows for next season–which means now is basically the entertainment industry salmon spawn). It’s my first pilot season with an agent so I actually get to go on TV auditions this year. Had my first one today, for a series regular role in a new pilot, and it went so well. I haven’t left an audition room feeling so at ease in a long time and it’s just narcotic. Whatever happens after isn’t up to me (they might want someone older/younger/blonder/more brunette/more well-known/they saw other people they liked more) but damn, that actor’s high is a good feeling to have.

I’ve also gotten to go on some commercial auditions this week, and those are interesting because the ones I’ve been on have been group auditions. They call you in with three or four other people, you do the scene a couple different ways, you leave. The best part of those is watching other actors. I feel like everyone in film/TV/commercial auditions has more experience than I do in that world since I’m coming from really tiny black box theatre (PS, keep up with the Twelfth Night developments on facebook! We are working so hard!) and I’m trying to handle the learning curve gracefully–despite getting a breakdown that said “client is responsible for travel expenses” and immediately emailing my agent to say “Oh no! I can’t afford that!” only to realize a few blush-inducing moments later that in contract speak, I’m “the talent” and not “the client.” Oy.


I just...isn't he so HANDSOME? /dead.
I just…isn’t he so HANDSOME? /dead.

My love is acting in the Lyric Opera’s current production of “The Barber of Seville” so I had the privilege of being his +1 to opening night & the afterparty. You guys, it was FANCY. First of all, the performance is un. be. lievable. If you’re even slightly acquainted with opera, you’ll know most of the music–but nothing feels too familiar; it’s so FUN and the cast is absolutely perfect. If you are in the Chicago area and you get an opportunity to go, absolutely do not miss it!

So it was a nice reason to get all fancy and eat a fancy dinner and go to the Violet Hour in the wee hours afterwards. Kenneth Branagh may have been at the show and the party and we MAY have freaked out a whole lot while simultaneously trying to be so cool. Most importantly, though, the opera is amazing, and I’m so proud of BF, and the whole affair was the best thing to happen in this otherwise doldrum-y frigid wasteland recently.

There you have it: exciting auditions! theatre! the opera! very cold weather! Until next time.