My week went like this:

1. Go on last-minute commercial audition just because I could.

2. Close Twelfth Night.

3. Get unexpected callback for aforementioned commercial. Must wear bikini. Show up and discover what appears to be Kate Upton’s hotter sister in the waiting room, plus what is possibly a Victoria’s Secret model, both also up for the part you are.

4. Want to die.

5. Go about life and audition a bunch of great ladies for your all-female Othello staged reading.

6. Book that damn commercial. Realize it is your first commercial booking. Show up at boyfriend’s place of work to mildly embarrass him and be excited about your news.

7. Cast Othello.

8. Be incredibly grateful for life.

It’s only one job, and industry-wise it’s not a big deal, but I really thought I was all wrong for it and was mildly embarrassed and just went for it anyway. Between that and all the Shakespeare I’ve been working on in the last few weeks, I’m buzzing and all I want to do is go on ALL THE AUDITIONS and try ALL THE NEW THINGS. It’s easy to devalue yourself when you are an actor and I’m happy for the push upwards.

PS I’m seeing this show tonight!

It’s a gorgeous tragedy by Oscar Wilde put on by the Right Brain Project, a well-  known experimental storefront theatre here in Chicago. My handsome boyfriend is  in it. It runs through April 12, check it out!

 That’s it for now. As ever, you are the best. Have a great weekend!