Alyssa as Sybil Vane, Ryan Leonard as James Vane. Photo by Steve Graue.

“Alyssa Thordarson, who plays every woman in this story, is especially haunting as Dorian’s love interest, Sybil Vane.” – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theater Review

“In his brand-new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s only novel, Paul Edwards shifts the setting from Victorian England to 1970s and ’80s New York City, losing some of the wit of the original but little of its resonance. The titular picture is now a photograph rather than a painting, but the battles between age and beauty, vanity and morality remains at the heart of the story. There are some jarring moments when contemporary speech clashes with Wilde’s 19th-century bon mots, but the dissonance paradoxically adds to the message once one adjusts to this production’s jagged rhythms. Perhaps the cleverest touch is the imaginative way in which Gray’s portrait ages. Beauty, in every age, really is in the eye of the beholder. Andrea J. Dymond directed.” – Dmitry Samarov, The Chicago Reader (Highly Recommended)